Time is precious. How we utilize is more important. When I looked back what is in my collection since 20 years, I was surprised to see many manuscripts unpublished. In this book ANTU-INTU, my emotions of that time are presented in the form of poetry. There is experimentation I have carried out. From two liners to long poems indicate the vivacity of time and content. This includes the poems from A, B, C, D basics to two-liners, three-liners, punch-liners, long poems, love songs and verses of philosophical nature too. I feel when you go through this book; you will feel, as if it is yours. You would have written the same. Feeling of every human being is similar during his life time, from youngster, adulthood and matured. How one expresses his feelings is, the book all about. 

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Email: irannakorachagaon@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/irannakorachagaon

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Paperback: 84 Pages, Kannad
ISBN: 9781545719015

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Antu-Intu - Emotions in Poetry

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