Written in between May 2012 to December 2015, Lanchhan gives you a deeper insight of disgusting narrow minded thinking of our society and its view on lovers. Pehar, the Messiah of Allahabad city and a business tycoon, is dying with his multi-billion secret. Behind his secret there are bad guys as well as good-people also. Unaware of this, Pehar is on his deathbed and wants only to listen his diary. His niece, Ahana is reading his diary to him and it is telling her many new truths about Pehar. The dark truths of Pehar's untold life are changing everything, including Ahana’s own life which is likely to end before she may finish Pehar's diary.

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Email: shivshankargupta@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/shivshankargupta

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Paperback: 570 pages, Hindi
ISBN: 9789385247897

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Mujrim Kriti Lanchan

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Tags: Fiction, Shiv Shankar Gupta