Manit: A guy who leaves his parents for love and struggle to fulfil his dreams. Maanya: A girl who supports her man dreams but denies staying away from her parents. Aditya: A guy who fails to express his feelings of love in a fear of losing friendship. Bhoomi: A girl who leaves the city for friendship and refuses to accept the feelings of love for her man. Rajat: A guy who dreams to become a musician and struggle to achieve something in life. Ankit: A guy who works in an IT hub and a person who never say no for any kind of help. Is it a friendship or love that makes us better with our lives? How these people meet and how are they connected? Do they achieve their dreams? Why is it so difficult to express your love when you are already a best friend? Let's get into the book and get the answer for all these questions. I promise, reading your dreams kept me alive will be worth of each minute that you spent in reading it. Happy reading

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Paperback: 107 pages, English
ISBN: 9781545708248

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Your Dreams Kept Me Alive - Dream Without Doubts

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Tags: Fiction, Swapna Patil