Zindiq Kya hair we look at the whole life forms in the earth we find human life outstanding and extraordinary. However, in their activities and interests at basic level, humans and animals have several characteristics in common like eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Then what is that separates humans from animals? That is advanced intelligence and developed capacity to discriminate between wrong and right, good and bad, spirit and matter, self and non-self, truth and untruth, dharma and adharma etc. man Is the only creature who can enquire into the nature of his existence and raise questions like- who am I, why I am here, what is the purpose of my life, what is real source of happiness, how we are tied to destiny, what are principals of Karma, what are the causes behind my suffering and how can I liberate myself from this etc. Unfortunately, most of the people simply remain preoccupied with eating, sleeping, mating and defending and thus are in human form just for namesake. Undoubtedly, human life is rare and unique but only for those who try to understand life`s true meaning and purpose. The book `Zindiq Kya heir`is a humble effort to look into the different aspects of life`s basic questions which we come across with in our daily life, face it and seek answers. The book is beautiful blend of philosophy and spirituality and sheds light on the path shown by great thinkers and philosophers.

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Paperback: 290 Pages, Hindi
ISBN: 9789388381949

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Ziindagi Kya Hai

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