Exciting the interest of students joined higher institution prior taking research courses is significant stage to draw and build students' interest in the subject. The book is written in a simplified way as to lead the students to engage in high level of research courses. Indeed, I do assume that this book shall serve still the needs of instructor and students to understand the meanings and purposes of fundamental terms that entirely remain part and parcel (such as abstract, synopsis, proposal and reviews of literature) of research. One who conceptualized the basic elements at the initials levels can understand, able to think critically and innovatively while pursuing the higher level courses of research .Furthermore, the book is concise, to the point, ideas are simple to grab, with few instances that may help the students to verify. Yet it is still not detailed enough to serve as a reference book for students as they progress to higher-level courses but it could serve as highlight and be easily understood to work on their research papers. Many sub-unities are incorporated in-order to enable the students to draw inferences from existing research types and methodologies. Other than brief descriptions of entirely part of research work, sub-divisions are incorporated in the book as to help the students refer instantly. In-order to advance the mastery of the wide range of concepts, terms, and applications which are innermost of research lesson, every section of this book expected to be clear and understandable to the students.

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Paperback: 118 Pages, English
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A Handbook for Beginners on Basic Research Concepts

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