This book is written about Ivan Alekseivich Bunin who belonged to the category of those writers, whose literary works are well-known not only to the Russian audience, but also to the wider circle of the foreign readers. His poetry, novels and stories are translated into various languages of the world. The name of Bunin today stands high in the row with the names of Leo Tolstoy, A.P.Chekhov, A.M.Gorky and others. Bunin was the first Russian writer to receive Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933. It was truly in the fate of Bunin to have opened the first pages of Russian Nobel Prize awardees. What was it that truly attracted the contemporary writers to this great literary personality and his writings by evoking deep interest in his books even in the present times? The first and the foremost that attracts our attention are the multidimensional features of his creative works. Everyone amongst us, the readers, may find in his works, the motifs, close to him. The literary works of Ivan Bunin are dear to all the people all the time. The great writers, whose younger contemporary was Bunin, had greatly valued his huge talent. Alexander Blok had confessed that the poem of Bunin “Listopad” rightly gives him a higher place in the modern Russian poetry.

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Paperback: 247 Pages, Russian
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Некоторые aспекты жизни и литературной судьбы Ивана Бунина

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