People of all ages, generations, and places have their own perspective about love and friendship (L&F). They have built a certain structure for the L & F relations in their memory palace. Most of them associate the happiness out of physical pleasures with the term love. In case of friendship they set their own borders for physical involvement. Then there is a subcase where people involve physically under the tag of being friends popularly known as "friends with benefits'. Let's just say if we cut the physical pleasure part and replace it with tremendous power of attraction and admiration towards each other. Will that be called love or friendship? Arjun goes on a trip with his college friends and during the motions of the trip starts having memory flashes related to his past. The past being his college years, friends and a girl he loved runs as a scene on a every stage of the trip. Towards the end of the trip he is attacked with nightmares and dreams influencing his mindset and making his friends worried. His emotional bonding with his friends and the love for that girl progresses in parallel tracks with similar barriers until he decides to choose one. Story of impossible dreams is a journey of friendship and love making peace with each other. But at some point, it can drive you crazy and bug your normal life. At times making decisions to lead a romantic life and be a hero in front of your friends can be a roller coaster ride pumping Litres of adrenaline.

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Paperback: 170 Pages, English
ISBN: 9789388381871

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The Story of Impossible Dreams

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