Life is punctuated with problems arising from the ears, nose, and throat. Minor ailments like colds and pharyngitis incapacitate briefly but remind us how wonderful it is to be well. We take for granted the ability to hear, walk straight, smell, breathe freely, speak clearly, sing, and swallow our own saliva easily and without conscious efforts. Life becomes exceptionally difficult when ‘ENT’ disease affects these basic functions. The present academic reference book has gone some way to addressing a few of these problems, which affect thousands of patients every year and have the potential to destroy the quality of their lives for decades. Recent Advances of ears, nose  and throat diseases has been driven by the various statistical approaches, it is designed to meet the need of the busy practicing clinician to efficiently keep current with what is new in each of the subspecialties of trivial changes of ENT complications. All of the original research work in this tailored book have been contributed significanly at greater accuracy and discussed with leading experts in the concerned specialization. Due to its rapid publication cycle, the material is very relevant and more advanced techniques (post and pre operative procedures) are discussed. The book is more useful for research beginners, ENT specialists and postgraduates. The designed book conceptually describes new advancesed research findings/techniques like retropharyngeal abscess, ultrasonography in the Study of ENT Complications, Sinusitis Among Geriatric Population, Oral Thrush in Diabetes Patients, Oral Candidiasis in Type - II Diabetic Patients, study of epitaxis, CSOM – cross sectional study, sinusitis in the older age population, tubercular laryngitis, Ultrasonograp and Radionuclide, removal of Cholesteatoma, ENT Complications among HIV Patients, oral malignancy and their risk factors, Sleep apnea, Somnoplasty versus conventional inferior turbinectomy, allergic rhinitis, Clinical-Pathological Profile of Sinonasal masses etc. 

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Paperback: 270 Pages, English
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Advanced Research Statistics Overview of Ear Nose and Throat Diseases

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