The year is 2181 AD. The law and order forces have been completely dissolved and the military has been handed over the power of control for a smoother functioning of the nation. The move is effective at first, but not until the rise of an unknown enemy that threatens to not only disrupt the system that governs the nation but also threatens to create a draconian world. Termed as the Anti-Nationals, they show no mercy or any attempts at negotiations as they always leave behind a trail of destruction. Their efforts are countered by the military organization, BASE. The Trident Squad, comprising of Shekhar, Jenny, Mahesh and Sonia, are one of the many squads of BASE assigned to find out the secrets of these anti-nationals and eradicate them. The squad is known to the citizens as the best soldiers BASE has produced, with years of combat experience and a service record unlike anything.However, while the squad believes that BASE has been successful in countering the anti-national activities, little do they realize that what they are seeing may just be a facadeā€¦ and that the war with the anti-nationals is just getting started.

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Paperback: 245 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545712955

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