In everyone's life, the start of adulthood is very important, and this is the year when you prepare for your board exams, but this is also the stage where you learn some of the best life lessons you go through some of the best experiences of life, such a influence you reflect that you have gained through your teachers, elders, even friends, I to got such experiences such great influences on me. This is my book, it all about the learning that I learned at that age the people who motivated me kept me inspired me, this is all about remembering every good incident that I remember, the learning that i gained, the aim is to tell one and all the learning that I learned may help someone who are now going through this stage, I promised it will keep you inspired and positive, I believe in making life a wonderful experience and beautiful to live, and making good memories with good people around is the best thing you can do, I got through failures, I saw a lot of fall, but I never saw tears in my eyes, I never broke, I just completed that year smiling and being the happiest I am.

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Paperback: 63 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545713266

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That Years, That Moments - Memories and Experiences That are Still Valuable

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