The story 'Hidden secrets' revolves around Tea-loving boy named Kabir who is a journalist by profession, his mindset is a little different than of the rest according to him only old people read newspaper, our youth is busy in parties, Old people can't bring change and young ones don't want any so what's the need to write about of change. His life changes when he met a girl named Neha in one of the weirdest manner which ultimately ended as a life changing moment for him, but like everything this was also something that would not last for soon, suddenly his city turned into a silent warzone which he witnessed and paid a heavy price which landed him away from his family, friends, job, Neha and everything else. He fell into a kind of situation where he didn't knew what is going to happen, the only thing he was waiting for is death with a glass of alcohol always in his hand. Must read the beginning of the hidden secrets book series. 

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Paperback: 215 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545713549

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Hidden Secrets - An Unexpected Journey

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Tags: Fiction, Arshdeep Singh