Each poem is a crumpled story... Each word is a blurred remembrance... Just the way it is very much difficult to complete an incomplete story, it is pretty easy to fill blank pages with rainy ink... Incomplete stories may get completed someday, or may be never... But a person, who has never filled blank pages with aromatic ink in his life, has never ever lived "Life"... The feelings imprisoned in the prison of heart, triumph their freedom solely on blank pages... If the bulky burdensome feelings would be unified with lonesome blank pages, then even death wouldn't succeed killing you... Because death is a privilege reserved only for humans... "Books never die..." Please don't embrace my book with deepest personal emotions... It is just a constellation of 51 incomplete stories, & nothing else... 

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Email: jayesh@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/jayesh

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Paperback: 81 Pages, Hindi
ISBN: 9781545713525

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Aai Diwali - Gai Diwali

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