Author’s experience in GIS applications, training courses and lectures at various institutions has led him to the appreciation of gaps in the understanding of some fundamental aspects of GIS. This is but natural. GIS is a technology which integrates several technologies. GIS has attracted persons from a varied types of fields. Author is from the field of Surveying & Mapping. This book is based on notes/presentations by the author. Though presented in the form of chapters, some repetition could not be avoided. Even then at places readers will ignore abrupt endings. See the preface and note on cover page.. Geomatics, GeoInformation Technlogy, Spatial Information technology, GeoSpatial Technology are some other names of GIS. This is a natural outcome because GIS has embraced many disciplines and Technologies. Most of the IT Companies have GIS departments. India with focus on development, needs GIS in many sectors. There is an impression that implementing GIS is expensive. Author brings out the fact that cost of comprehensive GIS data base comes to Rs 50 per household ( cost of house in lakhs of rupees ) in urban areas and Rs 200 per acre(Cost of one acre is in lakhs of rupees ). Policy issues are covered. Changes to simplify applications and political will are two important requirements for implementing GIS in India.  This book helps all those interested in implementing GIS. This complements standard books, websites and their own experience.

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Paperback: 147 Pages, English
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G I S Principles and Practices - Some Notes

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