The self-help groups are practical alternatives to achieve the aims of rural development and to get community involvement in all the rural development programmers. SHG is an organizational setup to disburse micro-finance to the women for the purpose of making them creative women and encouraging them to enter into commercial activities. The work of women should not be restricted to kitchen room only. Now she is coming out from kitchen and showing her ability in each and every sector of economy. She finds pleasure in independent living and also she is enjoying economic independence. Spread of education and faster growth in mass media has awakened the women to get equal justice in society like men. SHGs are intermediates for routing a broad range of government-sponsored development policies and schemes. NGOs and Government have increasingly been adopting SHGs as a strategy to bring women together for their development. This book is based on the minor research project carried out in Chandrapur District. Sample of the study was women self-help groups and the SHG members in Six Talukas of Chandrapur District. 300 SHGs and 200 SHG respondents are evaluated from this study. Monetary and Social evaluation of the women SHGs was the primary objective of the study. This Book is based on economic and social status of women in rural area therefore it is useful for the students of social science, economics, rural development and also useful for social workers and NGOs Prof. Akash Shriram Meshram

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Monetary and Social Status of Women Self Help Groups

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