Honorable B.Kamalakkanan delivers the powerful teaching of mystic saint Tirumoolar on the "Pathways of Universal brotherhood". It helps the readers begin gazing the truth of God's word concerning their lives. The author with the divine blessings of almighty perceived through his preceptor, brought out this book of "insight" comprising the extract of 330 poems from Tirumandiram the main work of Tamil shaivite. The Mystic Tirumoolar, is considered one of the 18 siddhars. Tirumoolar, as a moral philosopher teaches the ethics of non-violence (ahimsa), abstinence from slaughtering, meat and alcohol. He condemns coveting another man's wife but declares that "love is God", proclaims the unity of mankind and God and stresses the acquisition of knowledge. The author emphasizes the greatness of Vedas as pointed out by the mystic that the virtuous path means not only knowing the subtle body and the Holy Spirit but to attain the eternal life through acceptable ways and means. In short, the Pathways of Universal brotherhood shown by "Tirumandiram" is a work, which deals with how one may live a divine life in the midst of the worldly one. Wish you all a delightful reading!!

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Email: B Kamalakkannan@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/bkamalakkannan

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Paperback: 126 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545719671

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The Path of Universal Brotherhood

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