The Book ‘Guru Gobind Singh Sahityik Rachanaye aur Samajik Utthaan’ is a literary work on Guru Gobind Singh’s literature, which was compiled in Shri Dasam Granth Sahib in Brij, Sanskrit, Punjabi  & Persian languages. This literary composition is endowed with devotion as well as with ominous style and belligerent emotions. ‘Manas ki jaat sabhe ek hi pahichanbo’ is the central idea of Guru Gobind Singh’s Literature. Guru Gobind Singh was an embodiment of all round perfection. He was a religious leader, a religious and social reformer, a poet, an excellent planner and counselor and a Superb General. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed everything including his four young sons for the sake of Humanity, National Integration of Motherland and upliftment of the Poor people and society. Guru Gobind Singh says in the Zafarnama (Epistle of victory) that though my four sons have been killed, the coiled corber still remains. Guru Gobind Singh’s literature is also filled with the above mentioned quality of self-sacrificing, patriotism, love for learning, patience, restraint service, humbleness, honesty, observation and determination. It is wonder of wonders that inspite of being busy in wars, strifes, skirmishes, facing odds of opposition and leading a life without any respite, he could produce writings at per excellence. The volume of Guru Gobind Singh’s composition is very colossal. It is not possible to catch even a glimpse of it in a few paragraph. But his most popular swayyas and kabits exhibits remarkable musical rhythm in the flow of language and the choice of judicious words in the composition that depicts the beauty of his gospel, the depth of his Lord- devotion and richness of his thoughts. His verses were very forceful, vibrant with emotions which carried away the listeners in ecstasy. Guru Gobind Singh was the first leader to think of Nationalism and foster this feeling among the Indian people in those days. So Guru Gobind Singh’s literature not only those days but also now a days are capable of turning cowards into the courageous men, traders into tough fighters and drown trodden into tough worriers with love, humbleness for humanity and upliftment of the society. 

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Paperback: 427 Pages, Hindi
ISBN: 9781545718414

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Guru Gobind Singh - Sahityik Rachnayen Aur Samajik Utthanah

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