How do you survive, trapped alone in a dangerous forest of India?
Eighteen-year-old Chinu moves to the Chhattisgarh forest with her family. A horrific incident separates her from her family. Her once happy life cursed by one tragedy after another. The only person to support her is a young soldier, Manoj. Trapped in the same jungle due to the girl's circumstances. Desperate to find her father, Chinu suffers tremendous hardship, fighting the green shadows of the unforgiving forest. Losing loved ones and captured by Naxalites. But the biggest, most astonishing betrayal leaves her soulless. Is her will to survive strong enough? A story of suspense, hardship, betrayal, and friendship.

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Paperback: 224 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545723456

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Chinu - The Green Shadows

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Tags: Fiction, Hrishikesh Shirbhate