The book titled Dr. R. D. Mohota's Constructivist Education is based o a revolutionary teaching technique invented by him. The technique has been demonstrated on six million students. It doubles marks and reduces the learning time in half. The book is based on creative and constructive learning. Students use their imagination to create good ideas. They also combine what they already know with what they learn in the classroom to construct new knowledge. The first is creative learning. The second is constructivism. This book provides solutions to both these aspects in a very convenient and proven manner. Twenty five percent of human beings are in the classroom, which means nearly three hundred million Indians are in the classroom. These three hundred million upgrade the remaining one hundred million Indians—a father, a mother and a brother or sister-- if their minds become creative and intelligent. This is possible if education becomes creative and students construct new knowledge instead of listening to lectures from teachers and rote-learning like parrots in the end to pass an examination. I request parents, teachers and students to read this book and use the revolutionary teaching technique and the central ideas that it advances. These will improved the minds of the students, make them concentrate on learning and help them to score exceptionally good marks without the pain of mindless rote-learning.

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Paperback: 215 Pages, English 
ISBN:  9789388381017

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Dr R D Mohotas Constructivist Education

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