MAGIC - The shortest and the most complete answer. When you enter a magic show, you only know about the name of the trick which you are about to see and nothing else, right? And with that one name being enough already for you, you start making your own stories to tell yourself how the trick will be performed or how will the magician do it according to your own ideas and your own understanding. Later when the magician performs his tricks and his magic doesn’t match with your expected stories, you feel surprised and something unexpected has happened. And ta-da! But that’s not the end. Now the magician waits for something more magical and that is, the sound of your claps and the look on your faces. And that’s when it ends. Does anything up above sounds similar? That’s how you and your life work. You know one thing and you start making up stories according to your own beliefs and your own ideas of what you know. You are already prepared. And later, life changes your already prepared game and it surprises you and something unexpected has happened. Again! This book will not teach you any lessons because that’s your life’s job, but it will show you how life tries to teach you those lessons. And once you have read this book till the end, you will know that you are a magician yourself and perform magic tricks almost every day.

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Paperback: 437 Pages, English
ISBN: 9789388719407

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The Chadar of Secrets

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