This book is for those students who want to learn math's formulae or we can say for those learners who prepare for competitive exams like Banking, Railway, SSC, LIC, GIC, Vyapam etc., I have written this book because, I experienced that during examination time, either it is competitive Exam or Academic Exam, Students quit from the Arithmetic Aptitude or Math's questions. Mostly it happens because students forget the formulae. To help and motivate students, I covered maximum formulae like Train's Formulae, Time & Work Formulae, Profit & loss Formulae, Average Formulae, Permutation & combination Formulae, HCF & LCF Formulae, Square Root & Cube Root Formulae, Alligation or Mixture Formulae, Stock & Share's Formulae, Time & distance Formulae, Simple Interest Formulae, Partnership Formulae, Calendar Formulae, Area's Formulae, Algebra Formulae, Decimal Fraction Formulae, Surds & Indices Formulae, Pipes & Cistern Formulae, Probability Formulae, Compound Interest Formulae, Percentage Formulae, Clock Formulae, Boats & Stream's Formulae, Logarithm, Problems on Ages, Height & Distance, Simplification, Ratio and Proportion, True Discount, Discount, Polygon Properties, Volume & Surface Area, Circle Formulae, Perimeter Formulae, Roman Number, Square Root & Cube Roots. I have facilitated some examples on some formulas which will help learners to understand and implement while solving sums. I hope the content of this book will surely help the learners. This book is only for reference. Recommendation: - Please read this book once before attempting any exam containing Arithmetic Aptitude. "Math's is like a game when Formula is in your Brain".

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Paperback: 130 Pages, English

ISBN: 9781618136015

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Math's Formulae

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