This book is firstly and most importantly a conversation with you dear reader. I would like to reintroduce to you the science of Numerology. It does not predict anything which is void of hard work. It does not propagate superstition. It only takes you to a journey where every incident has a scientific and cosmic reason. Numerology prepares you for hardships to come, teaches you the ways to endure, and motivates you to keep on the journey to achieve your goals. Somehow people believe that Numerology is for those who are uneducated and practiced by those who did not really achieve anything in life. Well sorry for the bummer in advance- I am a successful Software Engineer currently working in the USA for a world renowned firm; I have a beautiful family and along with my full time job I enjoy & practice my innate passion for Vedic Astrology & Numerology. Like other educational and vocational courses Astrology has also been part of my growing up curriculum. And so the way my academic and vocational studies are coributing positively to society I thought it was time that my Vedic Astrology knowledge too should be of service to society in all positive ways. This book deals with everything basic about Numerology that you want to know about Numerology. It has in detail all kinds of calculations (mathematical) that one should do in order to find the answers. You would be surprised how easy and practical this cosmic science can be!                             

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Paperback: 214 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781618136206

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Numerology & You - A Step By Step Approach To Learn Numerology

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