Aakhir Kyon? is a book that teaches the ways to protect ourselves from elimination and to foster to the accomplishment. The factual base of this book is the Indian epic Mahabharat written by Maharshi Vyas between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE. The story of Mahabharat tells us that nothing is ruined by itself. To abolish customary things, one has to work hard. All the forces responsible for extermination are to be poised, summoned, and made to be organized till their tenacity is not over. The author has tried to explore the good things essential for the life and simultaneously identify the bad things one must restraint from. The human mind efforts every moment for being better. The fight is amongst the destruction and development. To gain and to move advance, one has to conquer the evil powers. Duryodhan continued to be greedy for power and started involving himself into immoral acts. But the people responsible to train him properly could do nothing even after being highly learned and authoritative. The author investigates the reasons why these people could do nothing? If Bhishm, Dronacharya, or anyone else could have stood with Draupadi’s side, then what had happend? What could Duryodhan or anyone from his side do against Krishna who stood for the help of Draupadi? The book conveys the message to its readers to learn and comprehend that before everything is shattered or lost, they must realize the fault and amend it in time.

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Paperback: 238 Pages, Hindi
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Aakhir Kyon?

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