Jayaram, having had completed his post-graduation, is particular that he gets a job as a lecturer in the Degree College of Arts & Commerce rather than a lecturer in the Junior College. As he longed for it, he gets a lecturer's post in Sagarika College of Arts & Commerce, Shahanpur, owned by the famous actress, Sagarika. His college mate, Madhav, who settles donw as a farmer in his village, gets married and has a child now whom Jayaram wants to see, so he visits the village before leaving for Shahanpur. While returning from the village, Jayaram rescues Nidhi, a post graduate student, from abductors. She is injured and unconscious as the kidnappers throw her mercilessly out of the vehicle. Before she recovers in the hospital, he departs as he has to leave for Shahanpur the next day. The parents of Nidhi are informed by him who turn up at the hospital and take care of her. Jayaram who pursues doctorate, is awarded with it and the Principal is pleased to place him as Vice Principal. He does not accept but requests her to give the chance to his senior lecturer which she obliges. Jayaram also did M.Sc. Psychology and counsels the ones who commit suicide and yet survive to lead a fresh life. It so happens that opportunities tumble in for Jayaram to save all the members of Nidhi's family one after another in different situations. But they are in the darkness as to who helped them. They conclude that is the act of their "Guardian Angel" . Jayaram during his career as lecturer, comes across, Gayatri, Sagarika, Meenakshi. What circumstances make him marry one among them is the highlight of the story.

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Paperback: 299 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545703083

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If One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

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Tags: Non-Fiction, Ayyampalayam Raghavendra Rao