Basically the book is a semi-fiction written in a fictional approach as it contains an imaginary love story and an rebellion activity way back during the author's younger days then it contains India's political situation right from the beginning of India's pre independence period on Gandhiji and Subhash bose and it continued till Rahul Gandhi. How the rulers of India exploited democracy and an obsolete flawful Constitution for their personal goals till Modiji came to power as the prime minister of largest democracy in the world. The system is an absolutely an obsolete Constitution, flawful economic system, education system, judiciary system and police administration. Brivary occupied a major role in our system. Ultimately, how a communistic revolution evoked after people got disgusted with the system and they could be able to establish communist government and how the Constitution redrafted to ease the administration and framed a strict and simple Constitution to eradicate the evil powers, capitalism, corruption and crimes and they took all the necessary steps to get back the black money stashed in the offshore banks by few capitalists, bureaucrats and few political people. At last they could pursue their goals and implemented absolute digitalization and developed infrastructure that could establish an absolute transparency in economy and administration.

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Paperback: 164 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545707340

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Absolute Transparency - Revolution a Destination to Transparency

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