"A GLIMPSE ON PLANT SCIENCES" is designed to cater the need of agricultural graduates and post graduates by providing sufficient supplemental information for competitive examinations such as JRF, SRF AND ICAR–ASRB NET Examinations. The book covers all the areas of plant sciences viz., Genetics and Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Seed science and technology, Plant Pathology and Agricultural Microbiology. It provides an understanding of the subject covering important areas of the topics for students preparing various competitive examinations. To fulfill the asaid aims an attempt was made to present the subjects in detail as per the requirements of students of all the universities. For convenience the book is furnished in various sections. The book deals with the fundamental facts in the field of plant sciences briefing introduction of various cell organelles and their functions, cell division, Mendelian genetics, Cytogenetics, plant breeding methods, breeding of field crops, seed science and molecular genetics aspects. Plant pathology dealing with various crop diseases, their casual organisms, epidemiology, diagnosis and detection and management of plant diseases were dealt. The basics of agricultural microbiology were also covered briefly keeping JRF and other competitive examinations in view. Scientists and their contributions have been thoroughly covered in various sections of plant sciences. We hope that the book will fulfil the desires of the students preparing various competitive examinations. We are thankful to everyone for the support in bringing out this book. Your suggestions are highly welcome for further improvement of the book.

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Email: siluverusandeep@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/siluverusandeep

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Paperback: 118 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545707821

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A Glimpse on Plant Sciences

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