Essence of contemporary aura, a self explanatory title which will bring into limelight the blossoming thoughts and views of the youth of today, on the existing surroundings. The book holds importance because it carries the legacy of tomorrow by representing the ideology of the present generation on fields like space, moralism, teenagers, parenting, politics etc. It has been interwoven with illustrations which will relate to a common man's life. The author is a young writer, representing the voice of the young clan, to make everyone aware of the ongoing issues related to the society. The will surely live up to the reflection of the reader's own opinions. Also the book is the most apt one to be selected from the shelf, because its ingredients comprise of all the elements which every person is known to, making the book on the whole an uncomplicated one. The book contains some sweet and some bitter existing realities of the contemporary aura, thus introducing all its readers to the true essence of the aura. The readers will be surely catered with contentment, after the complete reading of the book because it contains some very inviting topics of discussion which anyone would like to go through.

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Paperback: 108 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545707869

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Essence of Contemporary Aura

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