"Surviving Stress and Rediscover The Awesome You!" Whatever we do, Stress is an essential part of our lives and we just can't wish it away…… we might as well learn to deal with it constructively. Stress in everyday life is a killer in itself and when we become parents, the stress multiplies. The first section in this book deals with my ways of surviving stress, balancing between work, patients, kids and home. When I became a parent I learnt patience and acceptance. I even had to unlearn many a tricks which I utilized for teaching my elder one, because they were just not correct for the younger one…. The whole parenting business is maddening with continuous dillemma of "how much is too much'' and how less is too less'. The need to become a better person, a better parent has also been extremely strong, always. Thus, I learnt new lessons, identified my weaknesses and strengths and emerged as a ''New ME''. I realized how societal conditioning restricts our growth; how we need to identify our bonds so as to free ourselves and become our awesome self. Identifying the clutches of conditioning and then disentangling from them made me write about the second part in this book.This book is divided into two sections - the first section deals with the lessons I learnt regarding stress management and the second is devoted to learning about the societal conditioning and rediscovering our awesomeness. Hope you enjoy reading it. Vizmom!

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Email: vidhubhatnagar@educreation.in
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Paperback: 251 Pages, English

ISBN: 9781545708200

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Surviving Stress - Rediscover the Awesome You!

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