Time is not just a calculation of present term or an upcoming era, rather way beyond this; It is a calculation about every individual's good or bad doings. Time is a true witness for one's actions of deeds, and it returns everything here, in this life itself. If you become a reason of happiness for someone time rewards you with serenity, and if you become a reason for someone's sorrow, time gives back a continuous feeling of agitation. Time initially becomes a reason for serene feel or agitation and gradually the same gets engraved in one's soul. Scriptures' enlighten us that no matter if time rewards you or punishes you; one should stay composed in both situations alike. Neither over happiness should be desired in joyful state nor extreme sorrow in desirous in the time of grief. Because; if you are on a path of continuous progress your time is apt; and in decadence time itself become a learning. Time teaches everyone Being the greatest teacher it shows ways to equality, gives strength to learn, and prepare the raw soil to sow the seeds of learning with time. Every person at some point of time in his life tries to collect the threads of his own learning with time and sew it together to make a reflection of life. This book collect and unite the same threads with a brighter hope that by the end it leaves you all way more enriched and enlightened. BE HAPPY ALL!!

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Paperback: 109 Pages, Hindi
ISBN: 9781545708194

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Samay - Ek Seekh

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