Once, staying together meant everything. But these are modern times(or end times?) where even States of a Nation prefer separation. Set against the backdrop of chaos and destruction during and following the division of the State of Andhra Pradesh, this Satirical novel aims to prove that love endures, overcomes and even triumphs. Agastya Purohit returns to make a difference in a place that looks more like a departure terminal at an Airport. Katya remains back to be the difference. Life for the rest of the people in "Divorce," continues on despite the unrest and the aftermath of the division. "Never let the enemy (hatred) win.

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Email: kamleshrajesham@educreation.in
Social Media: www.epauthors.com/profile/kamleshrajesham

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Paperback: 231 pages, English
ISBN: 9789385247361

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Divorce (A SATIRE)

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