Yes, it is about you, the happy you, the confused you, the dreamer you and the inspired you. This book is a self-made guide for all everyone who wonders about what-ifs and what could be. If you wish to understand what matters, this is your key. What will you gain out of this book? This book will help you in-: Understanding why 100 minutes work a day is sufficient for you. Knowing everything you need before you say, I love you. Getting the science behind making money and getting rich Knowing why you need to travel more Appreciating your failures & turning them around Unleashing the hidden potential of your mind. Finding what everyone else is looking for Changing the Investment mind-set to super growth outlook. Becoming a better version of yourself Now, the only thing that matters is how well you exploit the most awaited magic of your life.

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Paperback: 127 Pages, English
ISBN: 9781545719718

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Because You Need This

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